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The purpose of Boy Scouting is to develop in a young man the ability to do things for himself and for others, to train him in outdoor skills, and to teach him patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues. (BSA 18-629WB)

The Manatee District Roundtables are held the first Thursday of each month (Sept-Jun) at:

The Salvation Army
5328 24th St. E., Bradenton
7:00 p.m.

View the Manatee District and SWFL Calendar for upcoming events, training opportunities, etc.

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March 20 - Smile! Support the Southwest Florida Council

Do you shop online? I know that I do. If so, when you shop from Amazon, why not have a percentage of your purchases go to your favorite charity? All you have to do is go to smile.amazon.com (instead of just amazon.com), select the charity of your choice (we hope that you will search for and select Southwest Florida Council Boy Scouts of America) and just remember to go back to smile.amazon.com whenever you buy from Amazon.

To learn more about AmazonSmile, go to https://smile.amazon.com/gp/chpf/about. It's easy to do and AmazonSmile normally donates 0.5% of the purchase price to your favorite charity (including the Southwest Florida Council Boy Scouts of America). Sometimes AmazonSmile even donates a higher percentage. For example, one of the days last week, the percentage was increased from 0.5% to 5.0% for the day.

As of February 2017, the Southwest Florida Council Boy Scouts of America has received $294.25. How much more could this be if we all did this?

Ed Copeland
Editor - The Manatee Rambler

March 5 - URGENT - BB Range help needed at Cub-O-Ree

I have a bit of an emergency. They have no one to run the BB range at Cub-O-Ree next weekend, Saturday, March 11. They need 6 certified people to run the range. If you are available let me know at carsmi1@verizon.net or call Jason Wolfe at 239-994-7884.

Dennis Smith

2017 Manatee District Pinewood Derby

March 2 - Where Pinewood Derbies Come From

Attention all Pinewood enthusiasts:

This is a fascinating video on how all those pine wood derby cars look before they arrive in your Pack.

For those interested here is how the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby idea got started:

Sometime early in the 1952 -1953 Cub Scouting year, a 34 year old Cubmaster from Manhattan Beach, CA had an idea. While planning his Pack’s yearly program, Cubmaster Don Murphy mused about something fun that Cub Scouts who were too young to enter his community's popular Soapbox Derby could do with their dads until they were old enough to race “Soapboxes.” It was a simple idea, really.

His idea involved creating an event where Cubs and their dads would model miniature “Soapbox Derby” cars out of a block of pine and then race them under gravity power down an inclined ramp. It was perfect! The boys could learn about sportsmanship, spend some quality time with their dads, and sharpen their fine motor skills all at the same time! He decided to call his event “The Pinewood Derby.”

And so it was that Cub Scout Pack 280c staged the first Pinewood Derby race in May of 1953. The folks at BSA’s New Jersey-based “Boys’ Life” magazine took note of the event and sent photographer / writer Glenn Wagner to cover it. Glenn’s article was published in the October 1954 Boys’ Life. That was the first reference to the Pinewood Derby in a Scout publication. After that, the “Pinewood Derby” spread like wildfire.

The June, 1955 Program Helps listed “Wheels, Wings, and Things” as a theme. The 1956 Cub Scout Program Quarterly gave instructions for running the Pack Meeting Derby. The Supply Division’s catalogs had kits available for $2.75 for a package of eight. WOW! That's 34 cents each, and no taxes!!

I wonder how many millions of those small blocks of wood have been turned into cars since?

Red Dog
Scout Mentor
Take some boys camping and let Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water forge them a more moral compass

March 1 - Registration Open for the 2017 Adult Recognition Dinner

Registration is now open for the 2017 Adult Recognition Dinner. Click Here to register today. For more details, Click Here or on the image below to view the entire flyer for the event.

2017 Manatee Adult Recognition Dinner

February 25 - 2017 Marauders All-Scout Night

February 24 - MALT (Manatee Adult Leader Training) 2017

Attention all Packs, Troops of Manatee and Two River Districts:

The 2017 MALT flyer and schedule is on the SWFC web site. Registration is now open, Click Here to register, and is scheduled to close 3/12/2017. The schedule contains classes for both youth and adults.

Please Download the flyer and Download the schedule, and distribute to all adults in your unit. Encourage all of your registered leaders, to include unit committee members, to attend training for their position. The district goal is to increase the percentage of trained adults to 70%. We can't reach that level unless the untrained attend training. More important, your Scouts will see an improvement in their program.

Red Dog
Scout Mentor
Take some boys camping and let Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water forge them a more moral compass

February 19 - Free Scout Physicals at LECOM - Save the Date

Please distribute to all Scouting Units in Manatee and Two Rivers Districts,

I am pleased to announce that Lake Erie College of Medicine has graciously agreed to again provide FREE Boy Scout Physicals on Saturday, April 29.

This applies to the required Class A/B/C physical that boy scouts, venture crews, and adult leaders need to go on outings. Also for Webelos scouts that are crossing over to boy scouts in this spring.

The actual sign-up for a time slot will be sent closer to the event in a separate email.

Yours in scouting,

Nina Pascoe
Health Safety Risk Management
Manatee District, SWFL BSA

February 17 - Scoutmaster receives Cross and Flame Award

Scoutmaster Ken Settlemyer of Troop 8 received the Cross and Flame Award from the United Methodist Church for exceptional service to youth on Sunday, February 12, 2017. He is pictured here with Pastor Clark Edwards, Executive Officer of Troop 8's chartered organization, the First United Methodist Church, and Mr. Charles Hackney, Troop 8's Chartered Organization Representative, who presented the award. Congratulations to Scoutmaster Settlemyer for this great honor and recognition!

February 15 - 2017 Council Pinewood Derby Rules

This message is intended for anyone involved in the Pinewood Derby or who would like to share with those who have boys intent upon entering the 2017 Pinewood Derby races at the district/council level.

Click Here for the official rules for Southwest Florida Council and these will be adhered to at the Manatee District event being held on Saturday, May 6th. More details to follow.

Mac Aldrich,
Manatee District Program Chair

February 7 - Gateway Challenge to benefit Cub Day Camp!

Do your scouts excel at constructing gateways? Come out to Camp Flying Eagle the weekend before Cub Scout Day Camp and help add to the experience for our Cubs. For more information, click on the image below.

2017 Gateway Challenge

February 4 - Trailwalker Gear Outfitters

February 3 - USA (University of Scouting Arts) XXIV

January 27 - Save the Date for the 2017 Adult Recognition Dinner - Honoring Colonel B.J. "Red Dog" Maynard

Save the Date for the 2017 Adult Recognition Dinner - Honoring Colonel B.J. "Red Dog" Maynard. The 2017 Manatee District Silver Beaver Recipient will be awarded, as well as the Live Oak Award and the District Award of Merit. You can access the Award Nomination Form for the Live Oak Award and the District Award of Merit here. All forms are due by March 17, 2017.

An announcement will go out once the registration page is available on the Southwest Florida Council website.

2017 Adult Recognition Dinner

January 25 - 2017 Manatee Cub Scouts Day Camp

2017 Manatee Cub Scouts Day Camp at Camp Flying Eagle

January 23 - JTE Community Service Month and Scouting for Food


February is Scouting Anniversary month. To highlight the contributions that our units make in service to our community, Southwest Florida Council is also designating the month of February as ‘Community Service Month.’ All packs, troops, and crews are encouraged to participate. Following is the message shared by Greg Graham, Senior Executive, SWFC:

Journey to Excellence “Good Turn for America” Community Service Month – February 2017

America is a nation built on service. From barn raisings to soup kitchens, ordinary Americans have always made an extraordinary difference in the lives of their neighbors and in their communities by lending a helping hand. Today, America needs the service of its citizens more than ever. The Boy Scouts of America believes that we can do something about these issues if we work together. That's why we've created the Journey to Excellence “Good Turn for America” Community Service Month. It is important for our community to know that Scouting is indeed about community service and for units and Scouts to be recognized for their accomplishments and service.

All units should plan on doing a community service project with the goal of each Scout doing a minimum of 1 1/2 to 3 hrs. of participation in a unit service project. A participation form (click here for the form now) will be sent to units in January at which time upon completion and recording their community service hours on JTE website and sending the form to the council office a special commemorative patch with a button loop (see image below) will be sent to all youth and adults who attain the minimum 1 1/2 hours. The participation form will also be available on the council website in January.

Greg Graham
Scout Executive and C.E.O.
Southwest Florida Council
Boy Scouts of America

In Manatee District, we are also still promoting 'Scouting for Food’ as one of the ways in which you and your youth can provide service to our community. The Food Bank of Manatee County (Meals on Wheels) provides food, meals, and other services to the large number of homeless, indigent, and elderly population in our area and the stock at the warehouse is historically lowest at this time of year.

Saturday, February 25th from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., is scheduled as the drop-off day for food donations at the Meals on Wheels facility located just south of new U.S. 301 across from Tropicana. Units may choose the method of collection they prefer. Those units who wish to make arrangements to ask for donations outside of a particular establishment must contact the management for permission. To request one or more collection barrels, please contact Cindy Sloan (csloan@foodbankofmanatee.org).

The courtesy of a reply to this message (click here to reply to Mac Aldrich) is requested if your unit plans to participate in this effort so that Mrs. Sloan and I can be better prepared. Hot dogs, beverages, and snacks are also provided to those who show up on the delivery date.

Also, if your unit is unable to collect food, but would still like to make a contribution to this effort (and earn your service hours), we always need folks to assist with the sorting, boxing, and weighing of donations, so let me know if you are interested.

As always, thank you for all you do. And don’t forget that Sunday, February 5th, is designated as Scout Sunday. Plan to have your unit attend a church service that day, especially those units whose chartered partner is a religious institution.

Mac Aldrich

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