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The purpose of Boy Scouting is to develop in a young man the ability to do things for himself and for others, to train him in outdoor skills, and to teach him patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues. (BSA 18-629WB)

The Manatee District Roundtables are held the first Thursday of each month (Sept-Jun) at:

The Salvation Army
5328 24th St. E., Bradenton
7:00 p.m.

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December 3 - Volunteers needed for Cracker Christmas

We are still looking for volunteers to assist with our annual Florida Cracker Christmas event next Sunday, December 14th. This is also a great opportunity for teenagers to get community service hours for school and scholarships. There is a morning shift from 10:45am – 1:30pm and an afternoon shift from 1:15pm – 4:00pm. Some positions help with simple crafts, parking, entrance gates, or being a docent in a building. Please contact Melissa.Porter@manateeclerk.com if you or someone you know would like to volunteer. Thanks!

Melissa Porter
Education and Volunteer Coordinator
For R.B. "Chips" Shore
Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller
Manatee Village Historical Park
1404 Manatee Avenue East
Bradenton, Florida 34208
(941) 741-4075

November 28 - Eagle Scouts and Re-Charter

Southwest Florida Council Scoutmasters and Committee Chairs –

The end of the year and re-charters are just around the corner; there is always confusion when trying to figure out how to register Eagle Scout candidates. We hope the following information will be helpful. Please review it and if you have questions regarding re-charter contact Kathy Walden, Registrar, or for Eagle Scout Status, contact Lori Laumeyer, Office Manager.

If you have an Eagle Scout candidate who HAS NOT sat for his Eagle Board of Review AND he will be turning 18 during December, January or February, please pay close attention to these instructions.

  1. Re-charter the Scout as a YOUTH. If you charter him as an adult and turn in an adult application before he has sat for his board he will not be considered a youth and therefore, can’t earn youth awards.
  2. Since re-charters are done online they are not finalized until reviewed and processed in the council service center. We can adjust the roster in the council service center (as long as you have left him as a youth online) if need be.
  3. Don’t turn in the adult application until after the Eagle Scout credentials have been received by the council service center. The Eagle candidate is not considered an Eagle Scout until certified by the National BSA office.
  4. Once the National BSA has certified his Eagle Scout status, you can then turn in his adult volunteer application. His adult application will be processed as a transfer to adult status at that time.

Lori Laumeyer
Office Manager
Southwest Florida Council
1801 Boy Scout Drive
Fort Myers, Florida 33907
239-936-8072 x103
800-269-8072 x103
FAX 239-936-7864
Scouting is more than what we do--it's who we are--and what we will be. We are the Boy Scouts of America.

November 27 - Ferguson or Scouting?

Happy Thanksgiving Scouters.

I believe it was Will Rogers that said, “The only problem with the Boy Scouts…there’s not enough of them.” Most of us in the Scouting community know this quote and have seen it around for some years now. I think it is true.

In our never ending quest to gain members in Scouting, a recurring theme continues to haunt those of us that care very much about Scouting and are not afraid to promote it. The theme of being relevant in our time. Of course Scouting is relevant in our time. Those that argue against Scouting's relevance obviously have not watched the evening news, read a local newspaper, or stood in a mall.

Look around, the world needs Scouting. No matter what your religious beliefs are, no matter your ethnic background, no matter which side of the political spectrum you fall... Scouting is relevant.

Our values in Scouting are a key message missing in the world today. Over the last couple of days we have been bombarded by the news from Ferguson, MO. I will not get into the particulars of the court case or the actions that led us to this embarrassment of humanity. I think all of you have that information. I think we all can agree that had this young man been a Scout, we would not be hearing about Ferguson, MO.

The thugs are now looting and destroying the town of Ferguson. Do you think they would do so had they knew the Scout Oath and Law and lived them? Do you think that the if parents of those people, had cared enough to enroll their sons in Scouts would allow this to happen? Do you think that if the young men had been required to understand what citizenship in their community meant, visit a public official, sit in a town hall meeting or session of court... do you think they would understand this process a bit better and would participate as a citizen, not a thug? Scouting relevant?

In the last week, the week leading up to our special day of Thanksgiving, we have seen the worst in people. What will they be celebrating on Thanksgiving day? That they stole a new TV, broke windows, and destroyed their homes? Is that something to be thankful for?

On the other hand, what if they had been Scouts? What if they bowed their head on Thursday and gave thanks to their parents for loving them and caring about how they grew up? What if they gave thanks for the hard work that is realized in the bounty on their table? What if they looked across the table and said thank you for life and all of its blessings?

You live in a dream world Red Dog... Yep.

But you know, today, I give special thanks to all of those involved in Scouting. Thanks to the parents that care enough to support their sons. Thanks to the young men that participate in Scouting; they are growing in life skills and living the Scout Oath and Law. We will not see these young men on the news burning a car and stealing from a store. We don't have to worry about them taking a gun to school and shooting their classmates. We don't have to lose sleep at night wondering if they are going to end up in jail.

Scouting relevant? You are absolutely right it is relevant. As uncool as it may seem, Scouting is relevant.

In 1907, when Baden Powell started Scouting, one of his goals was to establish a world wide program for boys that would promote peace. B-P had served in the Boar wars and had seen enough of the worst in people. He knew that if.. IF.. men could embrace a common set of values that we could have peace. His dream has not been realized, not because of Scouting, but because there are not enough Scouts. If our politicians had these values, if our community leaders had these values, if more families embraced these values, if all compelled themselves to think about their decisions in the light of them, then they would let these values guide their actions instead of greed and self interest. They would be leaders/individuals/parents that have the heart of a servant, not a despot seeking control and fame.

The dream of Baden Powell can be found in over 200 countries in Scouts and their leaders. But there are not enough. Scouting is relevant.

Will Rogers said it best when he said that now famous quote, I know you all agree.

We in Scouting should capitalize on this moment in time. Show the people of America that we have a choice to make... Ferguson or Scouting?

Red Dog
Scout Mentor
Takes some boys camping and let Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water forge them a more moral compass

November 19 - Join BSA NASCAR Driver Scott Lagasse Jr.

Mixon Harvest Festival

November 15 - Help Needed at Winterfest

Hi fellow Scouters,

We are in great need of volunteers to help us staff craft tables and some games at Winterfest on December 6th, from 8:30 am until about 4:30 pm. This is a great time for the cubs. We could also use about three adults on Friday night (December 5th) from about 5:30 pm until 8:00 pm, to help with registration. Without volunteers, it is going to be difficult to put this program on, so if you can spare some time, we could use you to make this the best of the holidays for these cubs. This year we want to bring snow to the camp, and with the right number registering and volunteers we will all have a great time; just think of the cubs that haven't seen snow yet.

Thank you for all you do,
Stephen Palmieri

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. Where else can you see snow in Manatee County? Little children, with great caution, cross a rope Monkey Bridge just to get to sit in Santa’s lap, and receive a gift from the Jolly Old St. Nick, while getting their picture taken. Priceless!!

Winterfest is part of Manatee’s annual Cub Program. It is a way to welcome all of those new Cub Families that have been recruited to be members of our Packs, and eventually our Troops. A fun filled weekend that is enjoyed by everyone who participates.

But it takes a lot of folks to make it happen. That’s why Steve Palmieri is asking for your help. So come on out and be a part of this great event. You’ll be glad you did.

A Scout is Helpful.
Red Dog
Scout Mentor
Takes some boys camping and let Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water forge them a more moral compass

November 14 - Forty Knots - A Visual Aid for Knot Tying
40 Knots

November 6 - Scouts help out at Supervisor of Elections

Several Boy Scouts and Scouters from Troop 22, Troop 64 and Troop 111 helped out at the Supervisor of Elections office this past Tuesday night. As the 70 election locations throughout Manatee County wrapped up for the night, the ballots and equipment were returned to the Supervisor of Elections office. That's when the scouts got busy unloading the cars as they came in.

November 6 - 2014 Broke Back Dog Challenge Update

Council Scouters,

Please share this information with your unit.

When it comes to registering your unit for the Challenge please remember these key points:

  1. One person registers the ENTIRE unit.
  2. Any adult who is staffing AND attending with their unit registers with the unit – NOT separately. If you register as staff and with your unit, you will be charged twice.
  3. Any adult who is staffing WITHOUT a unit needs to register as STAFF instead of unit #.
  4. Once the first registration is done and you need to add more; you must do a second registration with ONLY the new attendees.
  5. For deletions/substitutions; please email eventreg088@centurylink.net.
  6. Registration closes on November 20. Additional registrations after November 20 will be charged $35 per person.
  7. ALL fees are due by November 26. Payments not received by November 26, will be charged an additional late fee of $10 per person. You are not considered registered until your fees are paid. Units should submit ONE check.

Everyone who is looking to staff this activity should go on to the Challenge page and fill out a STAFF INTEREST form to let us know which area you want to help out in. This ONLY informs us of your interest to staff; this doesn't register you for the activity.

Lori Laumeyer
Office Manager
Southwest Florida Council
1801 Boy Scout Drive
Fort Myers, Florida 33907
239-936-8072 x103
800-269-8072 x103
FAX 239-936-7864

October 31 - Happy Halloween!

October 29 - 2014 Cub Scout Winterfest

Click Here to register for the 2014 Cub Scout Winterfest.

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